The Bach Flower Remedy System is a healing system developed by Dr Edward Bach, a well known physician, between 1920s and 1930s. Dr Bach was convinced that lasting wellbeing could only be achieved by treating the cause of diseases rather than its symptoms. He believed that a common cause of illness in his patients was an inner imbalance of emotions.

Following this insight, Dr Bach discovered 38 flower remedies, each of them associated to a basic human emotion. Taking the remedies helps us to restore our inner balance. This is a very natural and gentle form of healing, working on a high vibrational frequency.

During our first Bach Flower consultation you and I together will identify the main emotional imbalance affecting your life and will discuss the most appropriate remedies. I will then prepare a treatment bottle for you which may contain up to 7 remedies combined. Follow-up sessions can be booked every two weeks for as long as you feel it is required to review progress and adjust remedies accordingly.


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